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STEPHEN PHINNEY Part 1: Major publications…low carb reduces chronic inflammation & type 2 diabetes
presents episode 345: Dr Stephen Phinney
Low Carb Down Under presentation

Beta-hydroxybutyrate BHB
-ketone produced by liver from fatty acids

Blocks NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated inflammatory disease

When keto-adapted (fat adapted) we severely reduce
chronic inflammation

Histone deacetylase
-enzyme that removes the acetyl group from histone proteins
on DNA
-allowing the histones to wrap the DNA more tightly

BHB alters the epigenetic affect on histone deacetylases &
-reduces reactive oxygen species (ROS)
-thus reducing their effect on membrane polyunsaturated
fatty acids
-BEFORE they turn into pro-inflammatory isoprostanes

BHB presence in cells reduces inflammation

Helps us understand why people on a well-formulated
-ketogenic diet
-have dramatic, positive effects on type 2 diabetes

2008 study: randomized, control trial of
-Low fat diet (LFD) only ate 12g saturated fat per day
-Keto (LCD) ate 36g saturated fat per day

Low carb diet (keto) group lost twice as much fat as LFD


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