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STEPHEN PHINNEY 7 | Daily requirements…sodium 4-5g; potassium 3-4g
presents episode 353 | Dr Stephen Phinney
Low Carb Down Under presentation

If you become sodium depleted…
-leads to increased cortisol and
-cortisol stress

There is no ‘adrenal fatigue’
-it is sodium inadequacy

Must treat patient with sodium
-from day one
-example: bullion cubes

Lowest risk of death: sodium intake…
-between 4g and 5g or more
-less than this raises the risk abruptly!
-more than this raises the risk very slowly

Virta Health recommends 3g to 4g potassium per day…
-if eating 1.5g animal protein per 1 kg ideal weight:
~that is only 1g potassium

-if eating 3g animal protein per 1 kg ideal weight:
-much better shape!

Need more potassium?
-non-starchy vegetables or home-made broth
-desiccated animal organs, blood, bone, etc


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