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STEPHANIE SENEFF, MIT | Meat has aromatic amino acids: critical to fight glyphosate harm
presents episode 626 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Judy Cho podcast

Dr Stephanie Seneff, MIT on her
research into glyphosate…
-so pervasive
-considered [in the US] to be so safe
-used in yards while children playing
-all through food supply, in the air & water
-most used herbicide in the world
-US uses more than any other country
-correlates with growing rates of autism
Study: use of glyphosate around first graders over 4 year period
Result: .99 correlation in glyphosate use and autism growth

Research shows perfect correlation:
glyphosate use and sleep disorder growth
-rampant lately
-not an issue a few decades ago
Other correlations:

Judy Cho: Question: Since glyphosate is in
so many plants, even organic, is eating
meat a way to reduce exposure?
-study: if you eat enough aromatic amino
acids it may block some of the
anti-microbial effects of glyphosate
Dr Seneff:
“I think it is a good idea to eat lot of foods rich in aromatic
amino acids. The gut microbes produce aromatic amino acids
for the host. Our cells cannot make them.
Pathway to make these aromatic amino acids is blocked by

Aromatic amino acids are precursors for
important hormones:
-melanin [skin tanning agent] -epinephrine
Also thyroid hormones come through this pathway
Taking amino acid supplements may help
-especially glycine [because glyphosate messes it up]


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