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STEPHANIE SENEFF g | Parents; Gramps: kids eating flour is causing CELIAC
presents episode 1120 | Dr Stephanie Seneff

Women have real problems with pelvic pain…
-bladder pain and uterus endometriosis
glyphosate causes leaky gut, but also leaking in uterus & bladder
Doctors don’t know what it is
Need: organic diet
CASE woman with interstitial cystitis
-organic diet 1 year, full remission
Sapien: Our community eats organic and gets
lots of health benefits…due to no glyphosate?
“Eating grassfed beef–very low glyphosate”

Are non-GMO foods safe from glyphosate?
-many are not safe: many non-GMO foods SPRAYED with
-glyphosate just before harvest to kill the plant for convenience
-end up with lots of it in plants & processed foods
-epidemic of celiac disease due to wheat being sprayed
Gluten? yes, but it is contaminated
-same microbes that break down casein in
milk break down gluten in wheat
-proline needs special enzymes to break down
-glyphosate kills these enzymes
-proteins pass through gut wall, immune cells
attack w/ antibodies: attack own tissues


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