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STEPHANIE SENEFF e | Block sunlight… Get sdLDL. Healthy sun… Protects LDL
presents episode 1118 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Peak Human podcast

Cholesterol is essential nutrient
-found only in animals [plants have NONE] -gives us a brain & mobility
-essential for muscles & brain & immune system
Sulfate also critical for immune system
-glyphosate disrupts heparan sulfate

Heparan sulfate–lines all blood vessels, makes blood healthy…
-sulfation degree influences health of blood
“lots of sulfate needed to make blood healthy”
-when molecules get damaged by sugar or oxygen;
-they need to be removed and rebuilt into useful molecules
Happens in lysocomes, which depend on heparan sulfate
-when hepara sulfate deficient, HARD for cells
to recycle debris
Example: amyloid plaque builds up…leading
to Alzheimer’s Disease

LDL gets glycated & oxidized due to lack of sulfate in blood…
-need reactive oxygen species to make the sulfate
-they damage the LDL
“LDL can be packaged up safely inside LDL particle
-if there is enough sulfate around it”
-cholesterol sulfate is in the membrane of the LDL particle
-makes water into gel around membrane
“Gelled water is shield, keeping glycation away”
LDL becomes healthy if enough
cholesterol sulfate in its membrane…so
sulfate can be put out into blood, making
gelled water seal–“Exclusion Zone” SAFE

Without sulfate, LDL gets glycated, oxidized, goes into artery
wall to cause heart disease—due to insufficient sulfate…
-sunshine without sunglasses or sunscreen helps brain by
sunlight exposure to eyes [NOT EXCESS SUN EXPOSURE] -spring sunlight tan prepares body for summer sun
-tan protects skin
-but if use sunscreen, never know when too
much sun and lose benefits of sun exposure
“need to build up own resistance to sunburn”
-perhaps early morning walk in sunlight


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