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STEPHANIE SENEFF d | SUNLIGHT gives melatonin sulfate: nightly: clears brain AMYLOID PLAQUES!
presents episode 1117 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Peak Human podcast

Energy from sun catalyzes enzymes: sunlight in eyes
-reaches pineal gland, right behind eyes
-pineal gland controls sleep–makes melatonin
-sunlight in morning: pineal gland starts making sulfate
AT NIGHT-hooks sulfate onto melatonin molecules
-into cerebral spinal fluid that supplies brain
-clears cellular debris like AMYLOID PLAQUES
due to melatonin sulfate!

Sunlight produces cholesterol sulfate…
-very important molecule, but is derailed by glyphosate
-enzyme endothelial nitric oxide thinsase makes nitric oxide
-also makes sulfur dioxide ‘moonlighting enzyme–makes 2 things
-these 2 things keep blood flowing at RIGHT VISCOSITY
-sulfate structures water [4th phase] makes gel
-gel lines blood vessels
-allows red blood cells slip thru capillaries
with very little friction

Cholesterol sulfate produced in skin in response to sunlight…
-then released in blood stream, where it
-travels freely [doesn’t have to be carried in LDL particle] [when low on cholesterol sulfate: liver compelled to release LDL]

“High total cholesterol is consequence of low cholesterol sulfate”
Oxidized LDL is troublesome
“My theory: heart squirrels away cholesterol in arteries because
it desperately needs it”
Cholesterol & Sulfate support each other so
they can easily travel thru blood stream
-distributed thru body together
-at destination, split apart
-sulfate goes into extracellular matrix
-cholesterol goes into membrane
Cholesterol is essential nutrient
-found only in animals [plants have NONE]


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