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STEPHANIE SENEFF c | AUTISTIC KIDS: glyphosate brings gut & brain damage
presents episode 1116 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Peak Human podcast

Gut microbes have extra enzymes, our bodies do not have,
which are critical to digest proteins in infants and children…
-make B vitamins which come from shikimate pathway
-also make aromatic amino acids essential for proteins
-these are reduced due to pathway damage by glyphosate

Critical metabolites, normally produced by microbes
are DEFICIENT, while
other metabolites produced by pathogens
are toxic–messes up gut
SO: kids have bloating, diarrhea from gut
dysbiosis: in autistic kids–well established
-glyphosate is problem

Gut microbiome very difficult subject: so many, so different
-unique to each person
-bacteria are trying to adjust to situation to optimize health
Damaged by UPF–ultra processed foods which are sterile of key
micronutrients and antioxidant molecules
“Eating lots of herbs & spices is good…
getting complex molecules, not in UPF”
Example: chlorophyll can be used to support
mitochondrial function…only in whole, natural
foods…stripped out of UPF

Hurting gut microbiome: flour & sugar have lost all nutrition…
-producers add back in artificial nutrients that are bad
Example: Folic acid added into flour
-not natural form of folate you need
Example: added iron:
We need heme iron from animal foods
so our body can process it!
Example: cereal companies add in RDA levels
of artificial vitamins, minerals: not helpful


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