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STEPHANIE SENEFF b | GLYPHOSATE: gut ph too high; kills butyrate so proteins NOT DIGESTED
presents episode 1115 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Peak Human podcast

Autistic kids’ gut was messed up, so checked
-antibiotics; ear infections;
-glyphosate is antimicrobial agent
-kills good guys more than bad ones
End up with lactobacilis & bifidobacteria
-especially critical in infants to digest milk
Both very sensitive to glyphosate
-other bacteria grow to fill in vacuum
Autism: overgrowth of clostridia & salmonella
Paper: produce metabolites linked to autism

Study of triplets, 2 boys with autism; girl had seizure disorder…
-all had high levels of glyphosate in urine
-high clostridia and clostridia metabolite toxins that
disrupt brain: dopamine gets overstimulated
[enzyme that breaks down dopamine is corrupted by toxins] Glyphosate makes gut ph too high,
-disrupts balance of gut metabolites [short chain
fatty acids: butyrate; propionate; & acetate] -in presence of glyphosate, acetate goes up
& ph goes up: butyrate depends on low ph
SO: too little butyrate; too much acetate &
propionate way UP–linked with autism

These simple fatty acids…1, 2, 3 chains, made by gut microbes…
-butyrate is fuel for colonocytes lining gut barrier
-when not enough butyrate, get leaking barrier
-messes up the digestion of milk proteins


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