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STEPHANIE SENEFF 4 | Glyphosate linked to: Parkinson’s Disease Autism; mood disorders
presents episode 629 | Dr Stephanie Seneff
Judy Cho podcast

Study: Parkinsonian type symptoms in worms
exposed to glyphosate…
-neurological damage to brain stem
-multiple studies: glyphosate causes
glutamate excitoxicity [kills nerve cells] -connected with autism
-increases glutamate receptor activity
-causing glutamate uptake into cell
-causes oxidative damage

Glyphosate affects melatonin…
-melatonin crucial for supplying sulfate to brain
-clears garbage during sleep
[critical that neurons recycle their waste
during sleep…need sulfate to do that] Melatonin, produced in pineal gland,
-then packaged with sulfate,
-in cerebral spinal fluid at night while you sleep
Kids with autism experience disruption of the sulfate system

Question: glyphosate affecting thyroid health?
-rats exposed to glyphosate during pregnancy
-offspring have thyroid hormone system harmed
-thyroid hormone comes from shikimate pathway
“Thyroid deficiency in mother is linked to
4 fold increase in autism in human children”


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