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STEN EKBERG 2 | FATTY LIVER Fruit: fructose same as sugar Grains: glucose spikes insulin
presents episode 553 | Dr Sten Ekberg
Dr Sten Ekberg podcast

Dr Sten Ekberg: fruit has the same fructose
as sugar…
-it is still fructose & can only go through liver
-a few berries (low fructose) are okay
“If insulin sensitive, you can tolerate some
of these foods, even starch…
But if you have fatty liver, high insulin, must do much more!”

“Final fatty liver myth: WHOLE GRAINS
-mostly pure glucose, which breaks down
quickly, stimulates insulin, creating
blood sugar roller coaster”
-top allergens of any foods
-many people sensitive to wheat, gluten, rice, oats

The concept of SUPERFOODS…
“Suppose we were getting mercury exposure
on a daily basis:
Is there a vitamin we could take to get healthy?
-as long as we have that exposure, we get sicker”
No such thing as superfood or medication that will protect us
-we have been indoctrinated for decades by allopathic model:
If we have a symptom + remedy = relief ~~~all is okay!!~~~(NO)

“Symptom is due to something not working!”
-remedy will not make anything work better
-symptom came about due to
~something is missing or
~something is interfering
“Remedy will not replace or stop interference”
-will just address the symptom by blocking the signal
~have continued dysfunction
~have damage
Because cause of the symptom is allowed to continue!!

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