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STEAK & BUTTER GAL | Experiment: woman eats1 stick butter/day to improve skin and cycle
presents episode 630 | Steak & Butter Gal
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

“There is something about butter that changes
your mood instantaneously.
The taste of butter is one of the best things
about the carnivore diet.”
2 sticks of butter: 8 ounces [227g] -30 day experiment: eat at least 1 stick a day
Why do this experiment? Dr Elizabeth Bright!
-she explains why [especially women] should eat animal fat
-tallow is pure beef fat
-ghee is another option [clarified butter…great for cooking]

Blood work:
Vegan: HDL 73 Triglycerides. 98
Carnivore: HDL 97 Triglycerides 15

Implementing eating 113g butter a day…
-ate it cold as a snack, 2 to 3 times a day
“I topped it on all my meals.
I prefer the butter chilled.
Love the feel and flavor of solid, cold butter”
-has been carnivore almost 4 years
-has eaten high fat carnivore since day 1
-before carnivore struggled with health, skin issues
“My body craved butter, every day, moment I began eating
animal foods.
It was guiding me on how much animal fat I needed”


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