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STEAK & BUTTER GAL 3 | 30 day trial: fat-fasting. Results: Stable, calm mood. Longer, better sleep
presents episode 632 | Steak & Butter Gal
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

Report on past 30 days…
-usually eat one or two meals a day
-2 a day in week before & during period
“Because my appetite increases and I want
more fat than usual. I listen and eat”
-rest of month eat 1 meal a day
-usually eat in early evening
-enjoy mental clarity of being fasted
During 30 days, did fat-fasting
-whole day before eating evening meal: ate only animal fats
-this does not break the fast
-very gentle on body and healthy for hormones

-snacking on butter twice a day before meal
-each time: ate about one third stick
-stopped when it stopped being appetizing
-end day with fatty animal-based meal
-topping meats with butter
-cooking eggs with ghee
“I love having eggs with meat.
I get animal fats in the eggs and in the fatty meats”
-probably ate about 180g of animal fats each day

Recorded daily results on phone…
-calm and stable
-most sedated when eating butter snacks
“Dr Bright said: ‘lowering & stabilizing cortisol'”
-ate butter snacks during times of high stress
-helped stabilize mood

-helped quality and length of sleep
-wanted to go to sleep earlier
-felt calmer, wanted to sleep 3 hours earlier than before


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