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STEAK & BUTTER GAL 2 | Eating animal fats: “I lost all sugar cravings!”
presents episode 631 | Steak & Butter Gal
Steak & Butter Gal podcast

Eating animal fats:
“I lost all
sugar cravings!”

“When I started carnivore, I had no cycle.
Due to six years, eating vegan.
-I wrecked my hormones
-always hungry
-had bloating, digestion issues
-skin problems”
First animal meal: eggs & butter
“Felt like I was coming back to life”
-struggled with weight gain
-experienced ravenous hunger…
craving more butter, fatty meats
-felt like would never feel full

After 4 years in the carnivore community,
this happens to women who have a lot to heal:
-history of yoyo dieting
-vegan & vegetarian diets
Have to go through temporary weight gain
-to balance hormones
-heal everything
-relearn body’s hunger signals

First 6 months eating carnivore…
-cycle came back in 2-3 months
-skin issues took longer:
~rosacea, acne, eczema
~great results after 6 months
Major benefit of eating butter:
“I don’t have sugar cravings”
-freedom from food
-before; slave to food
“Could not focus 100% on something besides food”

“I feel incredible sensation of satiation when
eating animal fats.
-beef fat
-any fatty meats”


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