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STASHA GORMINAK 7 | Lost your microbiome? MUST BUILD UP VITAMIN D & B50!
presents episode 857 | Dr Stasha Gorminak
Dr Amy Novotny podcast

Now, if born from mom who has
vitamin D below 40…
-do not have normal microbiome
“Many things about neurologic
development are LINKED to things
provided by mom’s microbiome
in utero and by baby’s while growing”

Lost microbiome: lose:
-ability to absorb, not over absorb
small, charged ions:
-iron, copper, manganese
[enzyme co-factors] -bacteria help these minerals be
absorbed normally
Microbiome makes sure we have
right response to low iron or
iron overload
Microbiome: ALWAYS played this role

Vitamin D too low, lose microbiome
-lose sleep
Doctor must give not only D, but
vitamin B50 [50 micrograms all Bs] How to convert microbiome
[NOT dumping probiotics] -get the RIGHT GROWTH FACTORS
until the healthy phyla are normal

when phyla are normal…
stop the vitamin B supplements
-our nervous system will then
supply what is needed
-taking additional supplements when
not needed can be unhealthy
Medical doctors trained to take blood
levels, then respond, but
-except B12, the B blood levels are
SYMPTOMS [same as magnesium]

“Only way to know if deficient is
what your body tells you”
“I had to learn over time, that
I had to trust the patient, not
the lab results in these cases”
This goes for magnesium as well
as most of the B vitamins


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