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STASHA GORMINAK 6 | NEED DEEP SLEEP? Restore normal D Restore normal B’s
presents episode 856 | Dr Stasha Gorminak
Dr Amy Novotny podcast

LEVELS for a few years…
-patients returned with SAME
SYMPTOMS as before
What happened?
Our microbiome requires vitamin D
[which we had restored] -so, epidemic of D deficiency is
-it is about ANYTHING the microbiome
used to do for us…we don’t have it

What are the 8 B vitamins?
-bacterial growth factors!
[that is why they are all ‘B’] -researchers grew bacteria
-if boiled, would not grow
-there were ‘factors’ helping
them grow—the B vitamins
Example: thiamine [B1] was a
combination of bacteria & the
factor from body’s environment

When we, as species, had normal D
levels, this all worked naturally…
-our biology came AFTER BACTERIA
-so, when D deficient..also B deficient
in B12, B1, B5
-play huge role in neurotransmitters
which allow us to sleep!
Getting D up to normal helped, but
-as sleep improved…body needed to
make repairs
[REAL PURPOSE of SLEEP] -eventually needed to add B

Needed to replenish Bs from stores…
-B’s don’t have stores
-B’s don’t hurt
-can give as much as want
These are completely WRONG


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