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Stasha Gorminak

Dr Stasha Gorminak,
Harvard trained neurologist…
-headache patient
-used meds prescribed, no relief
-had sleep disorder
-young, healthy, no fat neck
“I did not think sleep was applicable
to my patient group”
-sleep study showed she had apnea
-returned after 3 weeks using CPAP
“My headaches are GONE”

I have biochemical view of how
brain works
-have been doing headache for long
long time
-my meds should work, but
I know they don’t always
-they wear off, temporary
She straps on CPAP, cannot be a
placebo effect…
-headaches went away

Most patients: no have sleep apnea
This population, daily headaches:
-young healthy
-couple of kids
Did sleep study on teens, kids, men
-do not have normal sleep
Lung doctors did not check sleep
patients did not stop breathing, but
not enough REM!

“I sent you hundreds of patients,
sleep disorders, but you replied:
‘no significant apnea’
After hundreds of sleep studies,
these young, healthy people have:
1-mostly wake up at 3am, cannot
go back to sleep, or
2-‘I sleep, but I am tired’
-no snoring, no symptoms,
-more tired than usual
-well trained, but can’t remember…


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