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STASHA GORMINAK 2 | CPAP did not help headaches…but vitamin D DID!
presents episode 845 | Dr Stasha Gorminak
Dr Amy Novotny podcast

Sleep studies around the world…
-sleep problems are impacting
-stroke victims, little kids
Question: why?
-not common in 1960s – 1970s
-original sleep studies done at
Stanford…no sleep epidemic then
Question: why ADHD so high now?
-fibromyalgia; chronic fatigue

Vitamin B12 big history helping
with sleep
-checked patients: those with worst
symptoms were all low in B12
“Patient tells me: my doctor gave me
vitamin D and my wrist pain went
[sleep disorders prevent body from
total relaxation, so joints do not
recover overnight]

As neurologist, have been trained
away from vitamins…
-know nothing about vitamins
-but, know that good sleep helps
-headaches, memory, mood
Problem: sleeping pills don’t last
-CPAP doesn’t help with joint pain
-people sleep long hours, but it is
disordered by lack of deep sleep

August to December, 2009:
-do vitamin B12 and D levels
-all have sleep studies
-half have daily headaches
-end of summer…highest level all year
“all have enough B12, but low in D”
In Dec: 2 patients:
“CPAP did not help headaches, but
taking vitamin D for 3 weeks:


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