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Stasha Gorminak

“The need is overwhelming, but
my medical professional colleagues
-they do NOT want to hear about
v. i. t. a. m. i. n. s. !
-but, this is the basis of biochemistry
-when D gets too low,
-bacteria go away
-become deficient in one of the most
common neurotransmitters:
-runs parasympathetic side of the
autonomic nervous system

We are discovering the benefits of
-breathing, exercise, meditation…
-all help parasympathetic side
-all are valid, but if you run out of
the juice [vitamin C] that makes
cholinergic deficiency disorders…
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientific papers show that in these
diseases we are acetylcholine
deficient in brain…
“I stumbled into the pathway that
causes cholinergic deficiency
Besides the ’50k disorders that
happen with wrong microbiome’
Most important:
-linked to B vitamins, like
autoimmune diseases & allergies

Poor microbiome:
-missing B vitamins
-missing endocannabinoids
[some are so low in this that they
are finding relief in cannabis] -missing ions: zinc, iron, copper
“The microbiome detoxifies us.
Example, I have mercury fillings, but
no mercury poisoning!”


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