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Staci Whitman

Question: Root cause behind small
airway, small mouth in children?
-historically: agricultural & industrial
revolutions: chewing & mastication
were negatively impacted
“We don’t chew like we used to.
Ancestors chewed up to 4 hours/day”
-today with ultra-processed foods
-soft foods [mac & cheese] -we are not chewing enough to
develop large airways and mouths

Form follows function & in battle
between bone & muscle: muscle
always wins…
-tongue is huge muscle affects
how we chew & swallow
-begins with breast-feeding
“If possible, for optimal
cranial-facial-respiratory development;
affects how we breathe”
[also, what mother eats during
pregnancy & how baby is delivered]

Checking for tongue ties
[thick band attaching tongue to
bottom of mouth, restricts tongue
movement] -introducing real, crunchy, chewy
foods [meat & vegetables] -NOT ULTRA-PROCESSED FOODS

Dr Weston Price:
-ancestral tribes easily fit all 32 teeth
in fully developed mouths
-now jaws are smaller, lots of
malocclusion,bite issues, crowding,
orthodontic problems…
affecting how well we breathe &
-without getting into stage 3 deep
sleep & hormone release, we have
-growth discrepancy
-immune issues & behavioral issues

Sleep deprivation…
-diagnosed with ADHD & put on
“If child showing behavioral issues
-airway & sleep screening!!
[not drugs!!!] -huge percentage of these kids
have breathing & sleep issues


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