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Staci Whitman. Snoring
presents episode 825 | Dr Staci Whitman
High Intensity Health podcast

“You can do proper resistance training,
have clean diet, great sleep hygiene,
may have poor health”
-cannot survive without oxygen
-critical for brain development
-many professionals don’t address it

Book: Sleep Wrecked Kids,
Sharon Moore…
-advocate for moms against doctors
Also: Breath, James Nestor
Also: Jaws, Sandra Khan
All animals breathe through nose
Chronic mouth breathing linked to:
-increases cavities
-changes mouth ph
-changes gut & microbiome
-many health issues

Any amount of snoring is abnormal
[unless sick] -even for children
-if snoring: airway obstruction
Sleep studies not accurate in children
-only checking for sleep apnea
-could be on continuum of disorders:
-sleep disordered breathing
-upper airway resistance syndrome
-dysregulated breathing

Parents should first observe their
children sleeping: listen
-noisy breathing?
-tossing & turning?
-craning neck?
-sleep walking or talking?
-later bed wetting?
All signs of dysregulated breathing
-also, overly tired, or acting out


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