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SLEEP 2 | Cannot sleep…go to dim room; listen to audiobook, read or meditate
presents episode 397 | Dr Matthew Walker
Tom Bilyeu podcast

We did not know the brain has its own cleansing mechanism…
-the body has its own: the lymphatic system
-the brain does too: the glymphatic system
-it is specifically during deep sleep that this cleansing system works
-the brain cells shrink, allowing cerebral spinal fluid to wash away
~the metabolic detritus
(soluble proteins & metabolites)
-also, beta amyloid (protein culprit in
the cascade of Alzheimer’s Disease)

Why deep sleep?
-it is when we get deep, powerful brain waves,
-the shrinking of the cells
-and the flow of this glymphatic system
“Almost like a power cleanse for brain”

Reason most people wake up in middle of night…
-due to anxiety (principle reason for insomnia)
-fight or flight part of the nervous system becomes overactive
-after about 16 hours of wakefulness, have built up healthy sleepiness
-the longer you are awake, the more this pressure builds
(brain chemical: adenosine)
-when we sleep, brain clears this out
-so, after 8 hours sleep, all cleared out

But, if stressed or excited, you will sleep for several hours, but…
-half or more of adenosine will clear out, so
-brain is more susceptible to awakening stress
-don’t go to work, don’t eat (trains brain to expect food!)
-go to dim room & read or listen to book
-or meditate
-then, only when sleepy return to bed
(no time limit for that)
-trains brain that bed is not bad place
(where always awake!)
-relearn that bed is for sleep


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