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SIMPLE NOTE TO TRAINER: Protein for nutrients & satiety, fas loss, muscle gain
presents episode 290: Ted Naiman
book: The P:E Diet

If your trainer or physician recommends that you
-cut calories
-count calories
-eat less & move more
that is outdated, disproven science…
give them this video link

Dr Ted Naiman…keep it simple
-overweight & prediabetic or type 2?

we have:
-overeaten carbs & vegetable (seed) oil in processed foods
~trying to get full of the protein our body craves
~we will be hungry until we get our fill of protein

Dr Ted Naiman…keep it simple
-overweight & prediabetic or type 2?

-begin eating more & more animal protein
~will give us the nutrients our body craves to fill us up…
=less hunger
=burn body fat, not sugar
=reduce fat mass

High energy-dense carbs & fat together is addictive
Drives over feeding like crazy

Satiety comes from animal protein and minerals
Eat foods with the highest protein possible

Insulin Resistance is:
We eat too many carbs and seed oils
Causing inflammation and pre-diabetes

Trainers need to know:
Are our clients insulin resistant?
If so, “calories in; calories out” diet:
will not work!!

Eating food full of carbs and seed oils together
(90% of processed foods)
That is the issue!! Not calorie counting

If they switch to high protein foods, such as:
-meat, fish, and eggs…
they can become insulin sensitive & lose weight


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