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SHAWN BAKER | We are marshmallow people. Time for talk is over. Time for action!!
presents episode 520 | Dr Shawn Baker
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

“Just finished my 80 thousandth workout…”
-75% of Americans are just too fat

Comments on Dr Baker’s video

Charles Tuuna

I’m an active 64 years young Polynesian male.
I’ve been on Keto, trending towards carnivore since September.
I have dropped 50 lb of fat and rejuvenated my muscularity.
I have never felt better in my married adult life.

I find your videos informative and inspiring.
Thank you for helping me regain my zest for life.
My muscle mass and tone exceeds that of my 4 20-something sons.

Keep spreading the good

“The remaining are too damn weak…
95% of the remaining are too damn weak”
-leaders of our country are an embarrassment
-this is a ridiculous situation

Ashley Braley
I moved myself, my husband and our young son from a vegetarian diet,
that I was raised on, to a keto/carnivore diet.

We’ve all lost weight, feel great, and my son’s eczema went away.

“If you subscribe to my channel, I expect you…
to do something about it”
-not only for yourself (that is a given)
-don’t let your kid be fat or weak
-don’t let your spouse be fat or weak
-don’t let your father or mother be fat or weak
-out leaders are not capable of doing this for us

The Zsquared Music

Since going almost completely carnivore sometime in mid-May of this year ,
I’ve lost about 40 pounds, while having also successfully
put on some muscle in my legs and upper body.

I have since spent at least 150 hours researching metabolic disorder
and diabetes.
My family doesn’t believe me quite yet that carnivore is the way to go,
but my results speak for themselves.
I tell coworkers and friends honestly what I’ve been doing.

“It is on all of us…
-I don’t know what you are waiting for
~for some disease to creep in?
~for your foot to fall off?
~for your first heart attack?

“The second you don’t feel great, should be all you need.
Life should be, could be, and can be outstanding!”

Ron Grant

My older brother was a power lifter and I worked out with him.
I’m now 70 years old and still go to the gym three times a week.
I do bench press, leg press, tricep and bicep work, lat work and core.
No cardio. I’m 5’10” and weigh 170 lb.

I was depressed to see the condition of my classmates at our
50th class reunion.
Unless I have a major health set back I will continue to work out.
Thanks for the inspirational videos!

“With the resources we have in the US and in
other western nations, we should be
societies of strong, lean, healthy, vibrant,
happy people”
-instead we have slugs
-marshmallow people

Eddie Grizz

I’m 43, a veteran that went through a great deal of depression
over the years and let myself go.
Currently 1 month on full carnivore. BP is down, weight down a bit
but waist shrunk 2 inches.

No longer working loads of overtime to support my son and my
crappy carb and doordash habit.
For a guy who can’t cook great, carnivore makes it easy!

“I am doing what I can, trying to take care
of my family.
-trying to encourage you guys
-let me know what you have done personally
to better this situation

“Time for talk is well past”


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