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SHAWN BAKER | OAT MILK: don’t drink industrial human pet food products! HYPOGLYCEMIA
presents episode 513 | Dr Shawn Baker
Health coach on podcast

Logan Delgado, “Goodybeats” on Instagram…
-testing food products vs his glucose monitor
-Oatly oat “milk” drink
-starting blood sugar, before drink: 79
-30 minutes after drinking a glass: 129
-1 hour later: 65
“I do not feel good right now. Sweat on forehead
and on back”
“No need to continue this test.
For me, Oatmilk is two thumbs down”

He had significant rise in blood glucose and then a precipitous drop…
-probably developed symptoms of hypoglycemia
-this was a glassful; some may use in smaller doses
“We should not be drinking this chemical concoction
-if not lactose intolerant, drink milk
-if lactose intolerant, drink water
“Shouldn’t drink industrial human pet food!
If you do, expect long term negative effects”


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