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SHAWN BAKER | JOE ROGAN on carnivore again. “This is my optimum self”
presents episode 904 | Dr Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker MD podcast

Dr Shawn Baker was on Joe Rogan’s
podcast in Dec 2017…
-introduced carnivore eating
-2 years later Joe tried it
Joe: “I did carnivore all of Jan.
Lost 12 pounds of belly fat”
-has been on and off it

Joe Rogan:
“I switched back to carnivore
I lost 5 pounds of fat in 2 weeks”
Dr Baker
2020 paper:
Visceral fat contributes to
metabolic syndrome
-when lose visceral fat,
helpful in many ways

Many that try carnivore realize
-meat is a health food
Joe Rogan
“Best I ever felt was when I was
eating carnivore.
Let me go back to that”
Dr Baker:
-7 days he ate nothing but
-meat, eggs, fats, bacon
-felt improved mental clarity

2018 study…
“Keto eating enhances large-
scale network functions that is
critical for higher cognition”
-eating carnivore puts you in
ketogenic state
“I had better ability to form
sentences; thinking clearer;
effortless to have conversations”

2022 paper…
-keto eating improves
-mitochondrial metabolism
-neurotransmitter function
-oxidative stress
While increasing
-neural network ability &
-cognitive function
Joe: “This is me at my optimum.
-able to sustain for multiple days”

Sign of healthier brain on ketones
instead of glucose
[glucose is less stable supply
of energy for brain] Joe:
-less inflammation
-operating off of ketones

2010 study…
“Inflammation induced by high
force eccentric exercise in
skeletal muscle is
-vs low carb eating
during recovery


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