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SHAWN BAKER | Harvard Research: low cholesterol & high triglycerides means more SCHIZOPHRENIA
presents episode 444 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast with Dr Chris Palmer, Harvard

Email from member to Dr Shawn Baker…

“I’m a 23 year old, 3 years ago I got schizophrenia
I had heard about the carnivore diet from Jordan Peterson
I already had depression
I didn’t believe it would help my
psychotic symptoms…
April 2021, you told about Dr Palmer
February, Dr Palmer podcast:
‘try it for 3 months'”

Email from member to Dr Shawn Baker…

“I started March 1st; it is now May…
-my psychotic phases have drastically reduced
-hope to reduce meds one day
-now have a job that I can keep
-plan to go to university in fall
Thanks for what you are doing”

Chris Palmer, MD, Harvard, doing research in schizophrenia…
-using dietary strategies, including
~keto & carnivore
~and is seeing significant results
Dr Baker:
“I see improvements every day in:
-schizophrenia; depression; anxiety
-bi-polar disorder, PTSD
-borderline personality disorder
-ADHD…even signs of autism
All due to diet”

Higher cholesterol levels (including LDL) and…
-lower triglyceride levels
~tend to result in better cognitive performance
~and reduction in symptoms
Especially for those experiencing first episodes of psychosis
(which is associated with schizophrenia)

You are more likely to experience schizophrenia if…
-have low cholesterol and high triglycerides
-low carb diets tend to reliably drive down triglycerides
-and can be associated with an elevation in cholesterol

Cholesterol is important for functioning,
including mental functioning…
-we are missing the mark in the never ending quest to
~always lower cholesterol
Is high cholesterol in all people
-all the time, bad?
-research doesn’t support that it is
-depends on type;
-only if it is oxidized or damaged
-and what else is going on metabolically


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