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SHAWN BAKER 5 | Healing comes from GodHe gave me tools & the knowledge to use them
presents episode 486 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast

“I had to leave the cancer support groups
-for my own mental well-being
-some in groups go into attack mode
-made several friends, but sadly
they are no longer with us
“I know I am very, very fortunate.
I don’t take any of it for granted.
I do believe in a higher power.
Healing comes from God, whether on earth or in heaven”
-He gave me the tools and knowledge to be able to use them
-grateful for this platform for opportunity to share with others

Have watched others battle cancer…
-everyone is touched by cancer some way
-either you or someone you love
“Do what you can NOW to strengthen
yourself or be able to combat it now”
-get rid of sugars, artificial crap, dyes, etc.
-even ‘healthy’ foods like
~sweet potatoes, spinach, quinoa, etc…
“Do an elimination diet! Try it for 30 days.
Nothing to lose…Everything to gain

Working with your functional medicine doc…
-every 2 days would do something
different…mostly supplements
-and pancreatic enzymes, other things that
targeted different cancer pathways
“Cancer feeds off sugar, but also
glutamate…which is in every food
-hitting cancer hard for 2 days, then change
-do this for month; switch to 2 other procedures, including:
~high dose IV vitamin C (35 to 50g)
-while staying in therapeutic ketosis
-this was the Press-Pulse method for me

My test results were based on my cancer…
-before, took many unnecessary supplements
that could have been harming me
-I don’t give people advice on supplements
(except maybe D3, K2, cod liver oil)
“You need to work with a professional to
see just what it is that you need”


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