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SHAWN BAKER 4a | Carnivore affected autistic son: taught self to read; grew from 27 to 50 percentile
presents episode 551 | Dr Shawn Baker
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Allie’s Story:
“I nursed my son for about a month,..
-then specialized formula
-had to re-lactate him
Dr Baker: What is that?
-complicated process:
~start to pump with skin-to-skin contact
to re-trigger the hormones
“Most women don’t get their full supply back.
-I got full supply back, plus an extra bottle–donated to
a mother of adopted baby”

Question: How to handle getting kids to
eat animal-based foods?
-wanted them to look forward to meals
-made low carb dessert as reward
“Sorry I am taking bread, potatoes away…”
-picked son’s favorite meats and stuck with that
-he loved eggs, bacon, sausage, chicken
Question: the dessert?
-a little almond flour & coconut flour
(Dr Eric Berg’s cookie recipe)
-it was small, one cookie!

Question: How did son respond to diet?
-needed 3 days to come out of reaction
(eyes rolling around, screaming,
knocked tooth out)
-after 27 days on animal-based diet
~he potty-trained himself
~taught himself how to read
~became higher functioning, more social
“He is basically a normal child.
Sometimes things will happen, but
we often have to tell people that he is an autistic child”
-he blends in. (he is 7 years old now)

Question: What has the diet done for your
children physically?
-they were at 27th percentile for height before
-now: at 47th – 50th percentile

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