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SHAWN BAKER 3a | 2 wks on Standard US Diet sent my son into autistic shut downcarnivore restored him
presents episode 550 | Dr Shawn Baker
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Allie’s Story:
At this point, my son had ‘high functioning’
autism; he could communicate
I thought he may need special education and
some assistance, but I hoped he would be okay”
-found the carnivore groups via Dr Ken Berry
-went to a ‘meet up’ for 2 weeks
“left my son with my father…eating low fat, high-fiber,
My son was on the Standard American Diet for this time:
When I got back he had completely shut down”

“I picked him up, he was not communicating
in any way. Laying on the floor. I had to put
his shoes on and carry him out of the house.
(he was 4 at this time)”
-back home he collapsed onto the floor
-his hands were flapping
-rolled him over, his eyes were rolling around in his head
-could not make eye contact
-grunting, smacking hands against his ears

“I knew I had to get a hold of the doctor.
-I had chosen the carnivore diet because
~I knew it eliminated everything that
he could possibly react to
-I knew I had to get the carbs out of him fully
Even though he ate some flour and sugar at
our house, because of eating animal fats and protein,
that helped his symptoms…hiding the fact that he was non-verbal
“I know not every child will completely come out of it, but there
is something to the Standard diet & environment that triggered
my son’s autism” …Because when you remove it, he recovers

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