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SHAWN BAKER 3 | Without CHEMO: 30-40% recurrence…with: 20% recurrence “I declined”
presents episode 484 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast

I asked oncologist, what is prognosis?
-without chemo: 30 – 40% recurrence
-with chemo: 20% recurrence
“Chemo lifesaving for some;
it is life ending for others”

“Watching my father-in-law go through
two rounds of chemo,
I knew there was no way I would do that”

Dr Baker: your wound did not heal…
“I went back to that same surgeon,
who would not reverse ileostomy,
his nurse practitioner told me:
‘you have to eat a lot of protein to
get the healing you need'”

My ileostomy bag: when eating vegetables, that is what was in bag
“Having the ileostomy reversed, having the wound heal,
bought me time”

Planned to eat a lot of eggs…
-was told not to eat steak to avoid
risk of blockage
-make sure everything gets liquified
“But when i saw that there was no meat
in the bag. There is no way that meat
can ‘rot in the gut’…it is just liquid”
-decided that meat is healing
“It healed quickly. The more protein I ate, the more healing I got”

Dr Baker: I am surprised that they thought
meat would clog the ileostomy!
-any gastroenterologist will say they
never find meat in the colon
-they find bits of vegetables, seeds, nuts
-but never steak….it is complete nonsense

Dr Baker: restrict your calories?
-no, only in the past
-before I had tracked & journaled everything

“Now I eat until I am full, then I stop eating”


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