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SHAWN BAKER 3 | VERY BEST CUTS OF STEAK? How to wet-age! How to dry-age!
presents episode 524 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast with Jess Pryles

Question: What are some tender cuts of beef?
-flatiron (top blade steak) second most tender…
~to the tenderloin
Teres major steak, also in the shoulder, very tender
Grilled skirt steaks for carne asada
-the outside skirt, which is inside the ribcage,
~is significantly more tender than the ‘inside skirt’
“I love bavette and top sirloin:
-it can be so tender, but has some chew to it…
which want from beef”
-picanha (top rump cap)

Ground beef is very versatile…
“I harvest my own deer as well,
cuts are very small, so we grind a lot of it to:
make a lot of deer chili”
-tri-tip is another great one
Vacuum sealing: literally, vacuum sealed meats are…
-being wet-aged
-if freeze them, the aging stops
-wet-aging gives meat time in a controlled environment
to have enzymes break down some of the connections
at core of muscle, that will tenderize the meat
-while it sits in refrigerator for a week or two

Question: Difference between wet & dry aging?
-enzymatic process is same…in a controlled
-if you wet-age too long, never past 28 days,
will lose flavor, develop sour notes to the meat
-dry-aging can actually improve the flavor
First: allows water to leave meat; so concentrates the beef flavor
-want to use dedicated dry-aging fridge that has humidity controls
-dial it in specifically to avoid seams developing
that allow in bacteria
-if bacteria get in, can no longer cook rare or medium rare

In these controlled environments, you can introduce…
-certain desirable bacteria (like in bleu cheese)
-can develop nutty-like flavors in the meat
-it does need a controlled environment
-an understanding of:
~what that environment should be
~what you are aiming for
~how to trim it when it is aged (cut off the rind)
Dry aging bags: better than vacuum sealing, let moisture out
-but they do let off-smells from the refrigerator in
-they are a safe and cost-effective option


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