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SHAWN BAKER 3 | eGFR test can give FALSE POSITIVE! Need… Cystatin C test
presents episode 414 | Dr Shawn Baker
Revero podcast update on Dr Ted Naiman’s GFR

Looking at kidney function…family physicians will often check:
-estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), based on
-serim creatinine
-test results will show 2 numbers: 1 is yours, other is standard
(for African-Americans, the standard is higher (10-12%))
-assumption: African-Americans carry
more muscle mass, so eGFR higher

Creatinine is a reflection of body protein and protein turnover…
-the estimated eGFR, based on creatinine, has a major flow:
~protein turnover
-so, people with lots of muscle mass,
~who work out really hard
~who eat a lot of protein
-will see an artificially low eGFR
(considered bad)
-often, below 60 is considered class 1
chronic renal inefficiency

eGFR above 90 is considered good…
-above 100 is totally good
What happens when you are on a carnivore or high protein diet &
-your eGFR shows up low?
“Your doctor will say you must cut back on red meat…”
-that is most likely an error!
There is another test, Cystatin C
-widely used, reliable
-does not depend on protein turnover
or muscle mass

When you do these two tests together, you may see a low eGFR
but a good GFR based on Cystatin C…
Dr Ted Naiman, had his GFR tested by both and saw this happen!
-he is a healthy, strong guy, eats high protein diet
-wrote The P:E Diet book
-his eGFR was 54!!!
So, he got his Cystatin C test:
Result: 112!

Dr Baker: my experience: eGFR 56, but
-Cystatin C: 118

Physicians: check out efficacy of Cystatin C
-eliminates the high protein, muscle mass confounding
-we know meat is not killing your kidneys
-high protein is not killing your kidneys


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