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SHAWN BAKER 2a | Feed kids Standard Diet from100 years ago …whole foods, animal fats, NO SEED OILS
presents episode 549 | Dr Shawn Baker
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Allie’s Story:
Question: What foods upset your stomach?
-Atkins book suggested vegetables…
~broccoli, cauliflower, ice berg lettuce
After a few days of carnivore eating,
-felt that ‘zero carb zen’
“Told a friend: ‘first time in my life I feel normal'”
-normal person with normal moods vs what I had my entire life
-stable, sleeping better
“had to get doctor to help cut meds
(sleep aide, mood stabilizer, antidepressants)

“I have a congenital heart defect…
-bicuspid aortic valve”
-have echocardiogram done every few years
-everything is looked at
~mine is perfect!
“Cardiologist said: probably won’t ever need
valve replacement”
-arteries are perfect
-blood circulates perfectly
-no enlargement of the heart
-no stenosis anywhere
-no clogging anywhere

Not hungry during the day…
-eat one or two meals, sometimes three
-eat pretty big portion, eat till full
~have plenty of energy for hours
-see the same in children
~meat-based, keto, no sugar
“Not like some children who need something
to eat every few hours”
-mine eat till full, then go for hours

Did research on why carnivore worked so well…
-wanted to make sure children got proper
nutrition…fed them
‘Standard American Diet from 100 years ago’
-no seed (vegetable) oils
-in the house: butter, whole milk,
sausage or bacon in pan, then cook eggs in the grease

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