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SHAWN BAKER 2 | Oncologist: iron infusionTabitha: liver pâté, mash, supplements & more red meat
presents episode 483 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast

Tabitha: I stuck to a strict keto diet…
-more plants eliminated; better numbers got
~CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen)
(demonstrates treatment effectiveness)
~averaged 1.6, far below concern
-elevated liver enzymes
“The better I felt; the quicker my healing”

Ileostomy was to remain for 8 weeks…
-at 8 weeks, doctor said
~must complete chemo first
“I fired him and found another surgeon”
-at 16 weeks got ileostomy reversed
“I recovered beautifully”
-often, reversed ileostomy results in
~chronic diarrhea and upset
“I had none of that”

2015, father-in-law was battling cancer…
-in solidarity with him, started juicing
-would mostly be vegetables, little fruit
“I felt terrible!”
-went vegetarian to lose ‘vanity weight’
-when I felt my worst, discovered I was

Therapeutic ketosis…
-when eliminated even more plants
~except a little zucchini and avocado
-mostly eating fatty meat
“I was able to achieve deep
therapeutic ketosis needed for healing”
-the blessing has been the energy and
mental clarity

After ileostomy reversed…
-ferritin (blood protein containing iron)
levels plummeted
Oncologist wanted to do iron infusion
-learned from support group friend:
~iron infusion had messed her up
-told doctor “I want some time”
-searched internet for best way to increase iron: LIVER!
-everyday I ate Carnivore Liver Crisps & liver mush & liver pâté
-took iron supplement and increased red meat intake
-within 60 days my ferritin increased from 11 to 38
“Oh gosh, liver is very high in cholesterol! Be careful!”


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