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SHAWN BAKER 2 | How to get that perfect SEARED CRUST on your next steak
presents episode 523 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast with Jess Pryles

Cooking technique for steak: Just Keep Flipping…
-cooking over extremely high heat (charbroil is best)
-flipping often
-allows the browning of the outside of the steak
-very significant for flavor development
-stops overcooking any side
You can get very specific doneness (rare, medium rare, etc)
-when you see grill marks, don’t get as aggressive of:
~crust & flavor development as if you sear the whole steak

Disadvantage of grilling on one side for a long time…
-start getting ‘grain band’, therefore
-not getting as much medium rare all the way through
Some people love to ‘butter sear’
“I don’t. It interrupts the flavor of the beef”
-butter has some water content
-to get the best sear, steak surface must be as dry as possible
-instead of scrapping, use a paper towel to dry off the surface

Problem: when our pans are not hot enough
-a typical home stove will not get hot enough!
-the skillet gets kind of hot, but not fully hot enough
-adding the steak,
~skillet can’t stay hot, so water is released
~brings temp down so get watery surface on steak
Same concept when adding too much ground beef to pan…
-lowers temperature so water doesn’t boil off quickly enough
-so surface doesn’t sear well

Benefit of really understanding…
-food safety
-color change
-how to best cook meat
Empowers you, when in grocery store, butcher shop,
-or with local farmer
You know what to do with it…
-not saying, ‘should I or shouldn’t I…’

The meat industry…
-we’re taught the it is full of evil corporate types
-there are indeed 4 major meat companies that
dominate the market, but
-they get their meat from small ranchers
-they don’t own every animal from the ground up
-every rancher I have met & everyone in Ag:
~has been very willing to share what they do and be transparent
-and are very proud of what they do
“That is a message that gets lost a lot”


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