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Shawn Baker 2 | Glioblastoma tumors shrink & remain inactive on keto/carnivore diet
presents episode 426 | Dr Shawn Baker
Revero podcast with Dr Kevin Fontaine

Dr Kevin Fontaine, randomized control study:
“Greatest benefit of eating a keto type diet could be:
-reducing risk of recurrence…
-it can turn cancer into a ‘chronic disease’
-there may always be some cancer cells
-glioblastoma brain cancer:
it never goes away…
-if patients go off of keto diet,
the tumor begins growing again
(Dr Thomas Seyfried)

Keto (or carnivore) low carb diet can be used like in T2D:
-keep it from growing and metastasizing
Question: Why so much trouble getting people to eat
less calories (as in the Calories In & Out diet)?
-You are asking people to do
two unnatural things:
1-be hungry
2-expend more energy
“No matter how much willpower you
have, that cannot sustain itself”

“My profession, the medical community, has done a
disservice to obese people…
by thinking it is a willpower and a strategy issue”
-obese people are not overweight because they over eat
-it is because they are obese
-they have all this stored energy
that they cannot access
-because of their diet composition!
-they are genuinely hungry

The ketogenic and carnivore diets allow patients to get
-access to their fat stores, because
~keeping insulin low…which
-releases stored body fat
-reduces inflammation

People can get 70 to 80% of the way to lean body mass…
-by cutting out processed foods
-but difficult due to the addictiveness
Question: what macronutrient breakdown in the two groups?
-Keto group: Cancer Society:
~62% fat 35% fat
~30% protein 19% protein
~9% carbs. 43% carbs

“Even the 43% carbs is lower than
the government recommends!”


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