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SHAWN BAKER 2 | Best friend did research, has gone carnivore, but LOST SOME FRIENDS
presents episode 413 | Dr Shawn Baker
Revero podcast with Mady

When I first brought it up to my parents, I said…
“I would like to start eating meat”
-they said, No, it is not good for your health
-they later said, Okay, but you buy and fix it
-they thought it would pass
-but after a year they were shocked
that I still wanted to pursue this

Question: did your parents notice that your Tourette’s Syndrome
had disappeared?
-yes, but they were still skeptical about the diet
-my little sister is now considering eating meat
-my dad eats meat occasionally now

Question: when did your Tourette’s flair up the most?
-when I was tired I would tic more
-also, when sad or angry
-sophomore year started carnivore
-about 5 months after that,
my tics started to go away
-about 4 years in total

Mady’s diet…
-eggs, occasionally eat some dairy, milk in coffee
-chicken, bone broth, a lot of steak & red meat
Have not seem neurologist for awhile, but
-did tell my doctor that I don’t have
any Tourette’s symptoms
-they were surprised

Mady’s story…
-kept it personal until now;
-it has been 4 years, she who is sharing her story
-a close friend, a vegan, was really upset when Mady first went on diet
-in college recently, she was
researching nutrition and saw a lot
on the carnivore diet
-she said she would try it
-she has been on it now for a year
-have lost some friends due to diet

Question: what did your parents suggest when you wanted to
get stronger for school sports?
-they said I should train more
-gave me plant protein
(which I have stopped taking due to
problem with heavy metals)
-when I started eating meats I
began running faster &
-lifting more weight


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