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SHAWN BAKER 2 | 1g ANIMAL PROTEIN per pound of ideal body weight CONSISTENCY OVER TIME
presents episode 517 | Ashleigh VanHouten
Dr Shawn Baker podcast

The word, ‘toned’, how stupid it is!
-We think that to have this lean,
pilates body & if you…
-eat less
-do yoga all the time
-you will look toned, but
Body composition, as we know, is about building up skeletal muscle,
so, when you lose body fat, you have a pleasing, fit shape!
-But, so many women don’t prioritize strength training &
don’t prioritize eating protein that will build skeletal muscle
-they work hard to ‘lose fat’: do chronic cardio & eat plant-based

“Get to a certain size and not happy
with how they look”
-because of misunderstanding of
body composition and what it takes…
-to get there
This is literally the only advice I give
to all women across the board, who are:
-I am trying to get my period
-I am trying to get pregnant
-I am trying to build muscle; lose weight…
“Eat more protein!” That is it.

Protein: personally I try to consume
-more than 1g per pound lean mass
-Somewhere between this and:
~1g per pound of actual body weight
-if 130 pounds body weight, but have
108 pounds lean mass
-I try to eat 115-120g of protein per day
If in hard-charging, muscle-building phase, will up that amount
-studies show that, if you want to overeat something, protein is it!
~less likely to be stored as fat
~will not gain weight as much as eating carbs or fat
~high satiety, so won’t overeat steak or other protein everyday

Amount of protein eaten daily
ebbs and flows…
-focus on consistency over time
-address immediate goal, like
~lose body fat
~build muscle
~train for an event


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