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SHAWN BAKER 1a | Uncle reversed diabetes…she reversed Crohn’s, bipolar, PCOS w/ animal-based eating
presents episode 548 | Dr Gabrielle Lyon
Lillie Kane podcast

Allie’s story:
Age 6: developed migraine headaches
-seizures, petite mal and grand mal
Age 8: bipolar, rapid cycling
Age 14: emergency appendectomy, PCOS
Allergic food reaction: hypoglycemic
High school, 5′ 4″ 113 pounds; now 186 pounds
-contacted uncle, who had dieted to reverse his diabetes
“My current diet, keeping under 20g carbs,
the foods I ate upset my intestinal system”
-uncle said: if eat over 10g carbs, had to use insulin
-uncle was eating mostly meat

I knew about the Maasai and Inuit…
-just ate meat
-I went on a meat-based diet
-my digestion calmed down
“For the first time in my life I came off meds”
-had been so heavily medicated
-several hospitalizations as a teen (bipolar, etc)
“I came off meds because I did not need them anymore,
I was so stabilized”
-Crohn’s disease biopsies negative for over 10 years

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