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SHAWN BAKER 1 | USDA ensures beef cattle are antibiotic-free BEFORE MARKET presents episode 523 | Dr Shawn Baker podcast with Jess Pryles

Question: what about antibiotics in beef cattle?
-there is a withdrawal period
-listed on the bottle
-mandated by USDA
-if rancher has to administer antibiotics to an animal
~must wait the withdrawal period afterward until
they leave the animal’s system
(just like humans, antibiotics don’t remain in system)
-withdrawal period must be applied to ensure animal is antibiotic-free
Rancher says: why would we use antibiotics if we did not have to,
-they are not cheap!

True animal welfare is distributing antibiotics…
-when they are necessary
-when animal injures itself, it is required
-then, duty of care to your consumers to follow
the withdrawal period

Question: where does the color of beef come from?
-heme in the meat determines the color
-myoglobin, the protein that gives meat its color
-cycles through different colors, from
~purple, to red, to brown
~depending on its stage and on oxygen exposure
If you have prepared meat, when you cut it, it’s bright red
-then you stack them, later peel off one, it is brown
-that is called metmyoglobin (oxidized form of heme protein)
-this is purely color; in no way represents meat freshness
(best way to test freshness is smell)

Carbon monoxide will hold the red color…
-so they invented packaging with firm trays &
-plastic wrapping: these contain carbon monoxide
or carbon dioxide
-but it is not harmful in any way
An example of this could be salt:
-could tell you that salt is a toxin (when taken in too large of quantity)
-but in normal dose, it is great
-same for carbon monoxide (but, you are not ingesting it)


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