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SHAWN BAKER 1 | Colon cancer: oncologist: CHEMO!!functional doc: therapeutic KETO
presents episode 481 | Dr Shawn Baker with Tabitha podcast

Tabitha: In 20’s tried every diet…
-had constant digestive upset & pain
-eating a lot of quinoa & chickpeas
-extreme pain: trapped gas in upper abdomen
-later discovered: was pre-diabetic
-got serious about a ketogenic diet
~able to get blood sugar stable,
~also mood stabilized

August 2020, woke up one morning…
-extreme abdominal pain
-pain felt like ectopic pregnancy
-went to emergency room
-24 hours later had surgery:
~intestines had ruptured
-had sigmoid colon removed
-medical team thought it was diverticulitis
-surgery left her with ileostomy
-2 weeks later, doctor says:
“It is stage 3 colon cancer. Had 8 cm tumor in removed colon”
and “You have positive lymph nodes”

48 hours of complete shock…
-had no symptoms prior to that
-went back into resources of what had
learned about cancer from when
father-in-law had it…same diagnosis!
Oncologist said must do chemotherapy
“I need to slow down, pray about this…”
-ironically, had just bought Dr Baker’s book: The Carnivore Diet
-met with functional medicine practitioners
~did RGCC testing (helps in targeting chemotherapy)
Results suggested: therapeutic ketogenic diet


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