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SEED OILS, SUGAR & FLOUR: 2/3 OF AMERICAN CALORIES… perfect cocktail for diabetes
presents episode 226:

Dr Cate Shanahan
Dr Shawn Baker

Revero (MeatRX) podcast
October 20, 2020

Ceramides are very resistant to oxidation…

If a cell has a lot of ceramides:
-may be what is left after the oxidation process
-like charcoal left in forest after a fire
-it did not cause the fire or the oxidation


-a family of waxy molecules found in high concentrations
within the cell membrane of eukaryotic cells.

-make up supporting structure of cell &
-conduct cellular signaling

Ceramides are very resistant to oxidation…

Often looked at inside-out
(like smoking…if looking for a cause,
but don’t consider cigarette smoking as a culprit,
you’ll have crazy theories)

Seed oils & sugar combined is fastest way to insulin resistance…

Second fastest way is seed oils
-my public enemy number one (so prolific!)

My theory on how to get from seed oil in body fat to:
-becoming insulin resistant & prediabetic

When mitochondria are forced to burn PUFA
(polyunsaturated fatty acids)
-shuts down ATP production in minutes


-organic compound that provides energy for living cells:
~muscle contraction
~nerve impulse
~condensate dissolution
~chemical synthesis

Studies on isolated liver cells feeding different fatty acids…

Results: Effect on ATP functioning:

Results: Effect on ATP functioning:
-saturated fat: 100%
-monounsaturated fat: went up
-linoleic acid: down to 40%
-omega-3 from canola oil: down to 20%

That would kill a cell

What happens is the PUFAs start blowing apart
-they are unstable (double bonds)
-react to oxygen
-mitochondria’s uncoupling proteins
~shut down
~that is why ATP functioning dropped

This can happen with less pure amounts of omega 6 & 3
-once you get enough of these cascades going…
~because body fat is so full of stuff,
~you just had a meal high in PUFA

If you had this situation & your cell stopped
-producing energy from fat
-what to use for fuel?

One of biggest: blood glucose

Creates a cellular need for glucose that
-exceeds our body’s tolerance level
-so, blood sugar is raised,
~requires insulin resistance

Liver quickly makes more glucose via gluconeogenesis
-converts protein into sugar

This is the origin of diabetes from
seed oils alone


-metabolic pathway resulting in generation of glucose from
non-carbohydrate carbon substratesGenerally not seed oils alone…
-have a lot of help from refined flours & sugars

Two-thirds of Americans’ calories come from
-seed oils
-refined flour

Leaves one-third for nutrition!