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SARAH ZALDIVAR 6 | Bulging disk: LOW BACK PAIN caused by inflammation from AQUAPORINS!
presents episode 580 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

Client story 1…
-55 years old, menopausal
-no periods for a while
-began carnivore diet
-during daily check-in: she wrote
“You won’t believe this, but I got my period back!
-a month later, it came back again
-this is reversal of aging–body began pumping
sex hormones again
-crucial for bone density & overall health
-literal reversing of aging!

Client story 2…
-student in Miami-Dade class
-she began carnivore eating
-in 2 weeks reversed her life-long psoriasis!
-she explained all the symptoms, etc to class
-her story is posted at Dr Sarah Zaldivar’s website

Example: bulging disk causing pain…
-husband’s low back pain completely
gone when he gave up eating spinach
-avoided risky near-spine surgery
“Right before surgery, told him…the only plant food
you eat is spinach…why not try eliminating it?”
Discovered that it was indeed spinach causing
life-long debilitating pain
-bulging disk still there!
-but it was the inflammation from spinach causing the pain

Example: bulging disk causing pain…
-aquaporins (channel proteins) caused
his inflammatory reaction!
-wasn’t sure what it was at first
-many thought it was the oxalates
(raw spinach has high levels)
-but, after no pain for a few months…
-ate corn–and pain returned!
Aquaporins are found in corn, spinach, soy & tomatoes
-corn has no oxalates…so: must be the aquaporins!


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