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SARAH ZALDIVAR 4 | Protein shakes…ANIMAL PROTEIN GREAT; plant protein causes soreness; lack aminos
presents episode 600 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

Protein meal replacements…
Premiere Protein shakes:
-whey protein
“Since I workout so much, if I take in any plants
I get sore”
-plant protein won’t have amino acids
in right ratios & not well absorbed
“Not the healthiest thing to consume due to emulsifiers.
Never look at these as long-term options”
-for transitioning into carnivore, okay

Nels Solo: Designer Egg protein shake…
-not whey protein, but egg protein
Dr Zaldivar:
-24g animal protein
-3g carbs
[1g fat] “Looks pretty clean compared to other stuff.
As long you no egg sensitivity”
Bub’s Collagen
Dr Z: I love Bulletproof brand products

Dr Z: I would not use any plant-based products…
-check the ingredient list


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