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SARAH ZALDIVAR 3 | CARNIVORE has nothing that is addictive…in 2 weeks sugar cravings go away
presents episode 577 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

“Coming to study in Miami was not courageous…
-for me, I could not stay in Lebanon
-too much of a rebel
-too much of a feminist
-too argumentative
“You have all of this education that conflicts with your own
research. You refuse to continue with the University of Miami
as the lead nutritionist in their new facility because they decline
to use what you have learned. They stick with the Med diet”

Dr Zaldivar: I now teach at Miami-Dade College…
-a flip classroom
-students review the lectures
-which cover the basics of nutrition chemistry
But, when we meet as a class it is all Q & A
which allows me to share my opinions when asked
I definitely share my opinions!
“When you set your standards where you want them to be for
yourself, it no longer requires courage to keep them”

Dr Zaldivar: “When you feel like what they are
asking is wrong, it is not a lucrative job.
Compared with what you can do as a Youtuber
and content creator, the sky is the limit…
Whenever you ‘settle’ for something less than
you really want, you lose”

Question: still have cravings for carbs?
-one main reason for carnivore: least cravings
-cravings are one stage of addiction
-eating addictive food gives you a ‘high’
-then withdrawal stage
-cravings: the reaction to an addictive behavior
-remove the addictive food: cravings disappear
-carnivore diet has nothing addictive
Not eating processed; keto treats; sweetened
-takes two weeks to overcome cravings
So, just stick to it for two weeks


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