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SARAH ZALDIVAR 3 | American Heart Assoc, American Diabetics Assoc BOTH CORRUPTED by processed food $
presents episode 598 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

American Heart Association…
-given $1.7 million by Proctor & Gamble
-in early 1900’s
-to promote their cottonseed oil
[waste product from cottonseed lubricant] “Let’s use AHA to convince people that this
stuff is healthy”-
-people were using real animal fats [lard, tallow] -AHA was very small [5-6 cardiologists] -AHA recommended these lubricants replace healthy animal fats

Only reason American Heart Association has
any influence is that they have accepted grants
from processed food companies
Also, American Diabetes Association is similar
in: accepting money from processed foods
and from pharmaceuticals
“All of these organizations are the same.
ADA, instead of working to reverse type 2 diabetes,
they collaborate with food companies.
They STILL RECOMMEND dietitians give diabetic patients
45% of calories as carbs!”
‘We’ll give you carbs…then drugs to fight the effects’

Protein bars…
“Anything that has more protein will help
SUPPRESS appetite for longest period”
Keto fat bombs…
-high calories in small portion
-lack of protein
“I do not recommend them AT ALL
to weight loss clients”


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