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SARAH ZALDIVAR 3 | AGING, SAGGING SKIN…eat carbs: advanced glycation end products attack collagen
presents episode 557 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar
Contoured Carnivore podcast

In the optimal range of vitamin D & omega 3…
-resets your biological age
At ends of chromosomes, which houses DNA
-are telomeres
23 chromosomes, X shaped
-each end has protective proteins, like tips of shoelaces
-as we age, telomeres get shorter & shorter until
~DNA exposed to damage, mutations…
~cancer, heart disease as part of the aging process
Research shows optimal levels of vitamin D adds 5 years of life

Imagine if optimized for every nutrient…
-example: higher omega 3 (wild caught fish)
~means longer telomeres
BUT, eating carbs increases
-advanced glycation end products
IS, glucose from carbs, goes throughout your body
-attaching to collagen (just talking about looks)
-weakens collagen matrix: so, drooping, sagging skin
#1 thing to stop this happening: cut out the carbs

Question: affects of sun on skin?
-since I am not out in the sun enough to build
up natural tan…
~when I go on vacation in the Florida sun,
I use sunscreen
Devan Contoured Carnivore:
“you want to build up a tan slowly,
so no need for sunscreen, right?”
Dr Zaldivar: yes, sunscreen is not great,
-but if needed, prevents burning
When remove seed (vegetable) oils from diet–
-your skin will not be fried from the inside out!

When choosing personal care products…
-don’t get those with plant oils
-so unstable, oxidizes so quickly
-NOT on skin in direct contact with sun!

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