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SARAH ZALDIVAR 2 | ULTRA PRACTICAL: at the grocery store SPICES & OILS…which are best?
presents episode 597 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar podcast

In the grocery store…
Spice Aisle
DR Zaldivar: husband likes spicy,
-I like regular taco flavor
-minimal sugar
“Feel free to use spices, but check the nutrient
list for amount of carbs…”
-if reversing type 2 diabetes, maintaining blood sugar
-careful of carbs in spices & seasonings adding up

In the grocery store…
Spice Aisle
DR Zaldivar: also be careful
-spices are plants so you may have
autoimmune reaction
-can try; if suspect allergic reaction; then
~try an elimination diet [for example, meat only] to test it
Dr Z: “My hope is to transition everyone, eventually,
to a carnivore diet–even those with no outward signs
of allergies or reactions.
It is best to prevent them from ever happening!”

Question: olive oil?
-not as bad as typical vegetable oils because
it has less omega-6 fatty acids
May have vegetable oils ADDED IN
-check ingredients to ensure it is pure olive oil
-researchers often check and find that there
is indeed little pure olive oil and lots of
inferior oils
-lots of tampering…so make sure it is a reputable company!
-same with avocado oil: studies show up to 80% not pure

Compared to other oils…
-olive, avocado, coconut are best [besides animal fats] “All other vegetable oils
[factory refined seed oils] Do NOT TOUCH”
-even if it is recommended by the Heart Assoc.
-for optimal health, do not listen to them


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