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SARAH ZALDIVAR 2 | My professor, as dietitian, gave me calorie targets…never worked!I blamed myself
presents episode 576 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar, certified nutritionist Interview

Came to Miami, had more bandwidth to do
research: root cause of my weight, depression…
-discovered keto
-read Plant Paradox
-plants have toxins!
“In my studies at three major universities this
never came up once!”
On keto, would still struggle with binge eating
-keto snacks would trigger cravings
“But I would keep studying: Dr Mark Hyman;
Joe Rogan with Dr Shawn Baker; Dr Paul Saladino; the Petersons…”
-became a carnivore…best thing I ever did

Saw her professor as a private dietitian…
-was not enthusiastic about low carb, so
-recommended calorie targets
-following her recommendations
-but it never worked
-blamed herself…’just need more discipline’
Also saw a lot of dermatologists for my acne struggles:
-tried Accutane; birth control pills; antibiotics; spironolactone…
“I started doing my own research
-traditional approaches did not work
-found Dr Loren Cordein’s Paleo approach to acne
-Paleo reduced acne, but still eating fruit (carnivore cured it fully)


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