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SARAH ZALDIVAR 2 | EXERCISE destroys zombie cells…best anti-aging Prescription
presents episode 556 | Dr Sarah Zaldivar
Contoured Carnivore podcast

Randle cycle (glucose fatty-acid cycle)…
-chemical reactions that occur when
combining sugar and fat (2 energy sources)
-very addictive
-store the most body fat
“I would prefer that we don’t do fruit”
Fruit has toxins, for example
-mangoes have urushiol, cashew shell also
-even ‘raw’ cashews have been steamed at high temps
-to get rid of any urushiol left from the shell

Question: anti-aging techniques?
-exercise breaks down ‘zombie’ cells (senescent)
-exercise: best senolytic, destroys zombie cells
-zombie cells are not excreted like normal
-cannot function normally, but
~produce inflammatory molecules into blood
-these can be free radicals: react to DNA, cell membrane
-has one unpaired electron
-constantly looking for another unpaired electron to bond with
Inflammation has many free radicals and reactive oxygen species
-leads to mutations, damage, & accelerated aging

Exercise destroys these zombie cells…
-so less free radicals into blood

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